Tips for Budding Antique Furniture Collectors

Have you recently taken up an interest in antique furniture? Whoever or whatever inspired you to start a collection, it's going to be one exciting and fulfilling ride. But first, as a newbie, there are things you need know and expect, especially in terms of ascertaining whether the piece you're eyeing is indeed antique.

Starting Out

For someone who is still building a collection, it's usually best to begin with smaller pieces and work your way up with bigger and pricier works as you go along. Read more about  Antique Furniture at English Georgian America extendable dining table.Whatever piece you want to buy, make sure that your source is not just experienced but also honest and reputable.

Function and Beauty

Your personal taste and needs are undoubtedly important when choosing pieces oi buy. Most experienced collectors go beyond physical appreciation when choosing items to buy. It's good to buy something that pleases your eye, but it would be better if that piece were also functional and compatible with your home's aesthetic.


Budget is obviously another important part of being a newbie antique collector. You have to define one and then get pieces based on that. Get more info about Antique Furniture at georgian style furniture. Remember, having a few exceptional pieces is better than so many average ones.  

Combining Eras

The habit of collecting is actually a process where your interests and tastes evolve as you know more about the items you're collecting. So go right ahead and play mixing and matching different periods and styles. If it feels good, it probably is. There's been a trend among antique collectors to combine modern and vintage furniture in one space, though you may still have to find a common thread, such as similar wood tones.


There should be nothing wrong with buying restored antique furniture, but you have to know what exactly was done in the restoration because that will have an effect on the item's value. For instance, an antique desk with replaced stands will of course be cheaper compared to one that is still originally complete. This desk may still be worth the purchase, but not at is premium price.


Finally, as antique furniture is always imitated, so it's a must that you do your research before buying any piece. Don't worry. As you grow your collection and knowledge, it will become easier to separate the real from the fake. You'd also like to research the market itself and determine which sources are reputable and not. A huge part of getting an authentic piece is choosing a trustworthy source. Learn more from

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