English Georgian America: Getting to Know  Georgian Furniture

The Georgian furniture style started during the reign of King George I, George II, and George III in the United Kingdom of formerly, Great Britain. The legs of a Georgian furniture style are elaborately carved. They are terminating in a ball-and-claw or pad foot. The are numerous furniture designers who were distinguished in the late Georgian period, and many studied this art, which is attributed to the "The Golden Age of Furniture".

The most common pieces of furniture under the Georgian style include side tables that come with marble tops, uniquely-styled chairs accented with shells and legs embraced with fish-scaled accented scrolls. In the history of Georgian furniture style, the early designs were adopted from the Queen Anne period that continued in demand and popularity. Click here to Learn more about  Antique Furniture. Finally, it underwent great modifications of its own to exude uniqueness an elegance.  One of the most important changes that emerged in Georgian style furniture was the replacement of walnut furniture by the mahogany-made material.

In 1595, mahogany was initially observed on a voyage by Sir Walter Raleigh's ship, the carpenter on board. Mahogany was appreciated as one of the Indies many wonders and used on very rare occasions. Mahogany quickly won favor among craftsmen, specifically cabinet makers, in the early or mid part of the 18th century, due to its incomparable strength, durability, and close-grained wood resemblance. It has a rich dark red color that made it most-sought. In the mid-18th century, when Prime Minister Sir Robert Walpole lifted the taxes on mahogany imports, it became the start of the great mahogany revolution.Click to Get more info about Antique Furniture. The amazing British furniture began.
When it comes to carving the highest quality Georgian style furniture used in seating furniture, the carved eagle's head was displayed, and sometimes, the scroll form was deeply favored for the termination or elimination of the arms. Georgian style furniture was ornate, with lavishly carved and golden ornamentation. Indeed, the masterpieces were like sculpture. The motifs used were the satyr, human mask, the lion mask, the acanthus, the scroll foot,  the claw and ball foot, and the paw foot.

The most famous designers were Chippendale, Sheraton, Hepplewhite, and Adam. The Georgian antiques are great survivors of time and elements because of excellent craftsmanship and material. Learn more about Georgian furniture by checking our homepage or website now. Feel and embrace the true English style of furniture and antiques, only from the best. Discover the great designs of the Georgian style today! Learn more from https://www.britannica.com/technology/furniture/History.